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B Brands are Undergoing a Marketing Revolution with ShiftLead

Eradicate the need for expensive staffing agencies.

team of shfters
team of shfters
team of shfters

Why ShiftLead?

We consider the traditional staffing agency approach outdated, expensive, restrictive and lacks quality predictability. The ShiftLead platform bridges the gap between your brand's need for an internal ambassador program and reliance on staffing agencies. Through technology, our end-to-end service offers simplicity and effectiveness. With a pool of vetted product specialists, we handle onboarding, scheduling assistance, and payments, and provide comprehensive reports showcasing the impact of each event. This allows you to concentrate on what truly matters, driving results.

Gain a competitive edge with an end-to-end staffing solution that scales your brand.

Rapid Staffing

Brands can quickly find and hire staff through the Shiftlead platform.

No Paperwork

Shiftlead takes care of administrative tasks and paperwork to reduce the burden on brands.

Product Performance Metrics

Monthly metrics deliver a regular snapshot of your product's effectiveness and influence.

Qualified Talent Pool

Brands have access to a pool of trained qualified Shfters for their staffing needs.

Customer Insights

We collect customer demographic information and feedback, to enhance your customer targeting strategies.

Automated Payments

Shiftlead manages payment processing, simplifying financial transactions for brands.

Free Training

Shft offers training services to help Shfters meet brand requirements.

Optimized Communication

Integrate a chat function for staff and managers to communicate, enabling availability indication and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

30% Cost Savings vs Agencies

The platform may offer cost-effective solutions for brands' staffing needs.

Quality Staff Without the

liability & Agency Costs.

Benefits of Using ShiftLead

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Onboard Your Staff with Ease

ShiftLead is a multifunctional digital assistant that empowers brands to manage their high volume of contracted staff with ease. From onboarding to payment, Shiftlead streamlines and simplifies the entire process, allowing you to scale your operations without the need for a staffing agency.

Hassle Free

Onboarding becomes a hassle-free process with Shiftlead,  allowing brands to create user profiles and sign (independent contractor) contracts electronically.

Fully Scalable

Whether you have a small team or a large one, Shiftlead allows for seamless scaling and supports your growth with ease.

Simplify Your Scheduling Process

With the ability to post events on a shared calendar, managers can easily assign staff to events and track their schedules. Staff members can also signify their availability to work events, ensuring that the scheduling process runs smoothly. Our platform streamlines the entire scheduling process, from posting events to assigning staff, making it easy for brands to manage their high volume of contracted staff.


Allows for managers to post events and view schedules.

Staff Availability

Staff can signify their availability to work the event.

Temp worker getting onboarded via the SHFT app
team of shfters

Well-Trained Staff

Create custom training modules and upload them to the platform for staff to access at any time. ShiftLead's training section ensures that staff members are adequately trained for their roles, making them more efficient and effective on the job.

Free General Training

From an overview of your organizations products, to customer service guidelines, general training ensures an informed staff.

Role-Specific Training

Whether detailed instructions regarding event logistics, specific requirements, or essential details - specific training ensures bases are covered.

Automated Payments

With a secure and efficient payment process, contractors can receive their payments promptly and effortlessly. This system also allows managers to effectively manage and monitor payments, ensuring accurate and timely compensation.

Bi-Weekly Payment

Shifters are compensated bi-weekly, ensuring that payments are consistently processed in accordance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Auto Invoicing

The invoicing process is streamlined with an automated system that generates invoices for each Shifter.

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Data for Enhanced Decision Making

Monthly reports provide brands with vital data for strategic decisions, offering insights on financial trends, audience demographics, and product popularity through visual representations. Mission scheduling and regional counts assess operational efficiency, and product sampling data informs engagement strategies, empowering brands to make informed decisions and connect with their audience.

Audience Summaries

Customer demographics data and feedback by region, empowering brands with effective customer targeting.

Product Performance Metrics

Get quick insights into the success and impact of your offerings.

ROI Calculator

See how much your brand can save with ShiftLead

"SHFT's platform has been a game-changer for us. We can quickly find and hire Shfters, ensuring that our staffing needs are met promptly and efficiently. This level of autonomy hasn’t existed before."
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Dylan Rudder
Senior Marketing Manager, BioSteel

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